HR Executives

The HR executive position focuses on the development and execution of a complete Organization Development System. It includes a variety of aspects such as talent management, succession planning, leadership development, employee relations, training program for all functions and levels, and so on.

CoDimensions welcomes an opportunity to assist HR professionals – and HR executives in particular – to excel in the following focus areas, from the perspective of Crisis Management:

  • Addressing crisis preparedness in the Training curriculum;
  • Building Crisis Management capabilities as part of the Leadership Development program;
  • Succession Planning for Crisis Management Team;
  • Importance of employee relations during emergencies;
  • Developing a resilient culture as part of the successful handling of crises.

In response to the specific requirements and needs of HR executives, CoDimensions offers a versatile tool - the Immersive Crisis Exercise (ICE) - which is designed to help further develop and enhance their competences. 

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