Senior Management

Senior Management bears responsibility for the overall performance, reputation and well-being of the organization at all times - in "sunny days" and even more so in the time of disasters.

CoDimensions' products and services address many needs of the executives related to business continuity and resiliency of their organizations. For example, we could help the top management members to:

  • Develop or enhance the Business Continuity Plan quickly and for a fraction of the price;
  • Get acquainted with the unknown dimension of individual responsibilities that arise during crises;
  • Acquire valuable experience of coping with emergencies in a simulated environment, without threat of real danger, failure or embarrassment;
  • Gain confidence that they'll be able to perform well in a crisis;
  • Get assurance that their organization is prepared and resilient to any disruption and that an effective business continuity program is in place and is functional.


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