What is  360°- Protection?

360°- Protection is our unique line of solutions designed for safeguarding our clients' business systems and data. These solutions include Double Vaulting, System Protection, and High Availability. They offer maximum service with minimum need for client participation. We provide a simple, secure, and automatic method for both on-site and off-site data storage in one simple and easy-to-use device.

Each of our solutions includes a specifically designed Network Attached Storage (NAS) device operating as a secure location to backup files. The device creates an encrypted copy of all files stored at the on-site location at dual secure data centers located on the east and west US coasts and in Canada. In the event of accidental deletion, files can quickly be restored to the device. If it is ever damaged or destroyed, a new device with all data and settings from the original unit is shipped to your location overnight, providing rapid recovery.

Every 360°-Protection solution consists of:

  • A physical on-site device (a minicomputer with 2 mirrored hard drives)
  • A virtual minicomputer in the cloud (data centres in the USA and Canada)
  • Service of backup, recovery and data integrity.





Double Vaulting

Local Backup +

Cloud Backup

With Double Vaulting solution data is backed up on the local physical device and in the cloud.

System Protection

Local Backup +

Cloud Backup +

Cloud Virtualization

System Protection solution provides you with help during serious issues with your critical business systems (including hardware, data and applications). It allows one to connect to a stand-by replica system in the cloud and resume work in minutes.

High Availability


Local Backup +

Local Virtualization +

Cloud Backup +

Cloud Virtualization

Data and image of your system(s) are backed up on the virtual servers both at the local device and in the cloud. This option allows almost instant recovery of data and complete restoration of the whole system.



Our clients can select from a range of available solutions the one which best suits their business needs and budget.

Should our clients' business needs change, they will always have an option for solution upgrade - flexibility to move to the higher or lower level within the range of available services (including both the device and the service plan), based on the data volume.

Our users can influence the level of their involvement into the data management process. They can request full access and control over data management; we can do all the work for you; or it can be done at any level of involvement in between these two options.

"Try Before You Buy"

We offer our clients an option of free 30-day testing before buying a solution of their choice. In this case we'll provide:

  • Initial replication of the client's data (on a USB key sent by mail)
  • 24/7 Disaster Recovery (DR) support
  • 1-800 number for DR support
  • Warranty:
    • 3-year for damage (no questions asked)
    • Replacement of the damaged device with the new one, pre-loaded with the latest available data from the cloud.

Fixed Cost and No Hidden Fees

There are no surprise fees built into our products and services. Your expense for the solution you choose will be exactly the amount you sign for. There is no uncontrollable growth of data volumes leading to cost increase, therefore there are no additional unpredictable expenses.

Why CoDimensions

CoDimensions possesses in-depth knowledge and deep technical expertise in the areas of:

  • Data protection and recovery;
  • Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Crisis Management.

We partner with the leading companies in Disaster Recovery solutions.

Our solutions use military-grade safe data centers for data backup and recovery:

  • in the USA and Canada;
  • with super security for personal and business information.

CoDimensions is not interested in uncontrollable growth of your data (unlike some of the pay-as-you-go providers):

  • We use de-duplication of data in the cloud (in the attempt to eliminate copying and storing the unnecessary duplicates);
  • We use incremental backups (saving only data that has changed instead of saving the whole file over and over again).

Both features also allow one to avoid excessive overload of your internet channels.


For more information on backup and data recovery (BDR) solutions from CoDimensions, please contact us.