How Does ICE Work?

When you engage in the Continuity Dimensions' ICE event, you are truly testing the capabilities of your Team in a true-to-life simulation of what may occur. To exercise your Team, you don't need to spend months and months planning and provisioning.  In a matter of weeks we can set up a crisis simulation and you can drill your Team. 

Here is what we do:

  • We will spend time with you      customizing the scenarios to your business. We design breaking news      you'll watch on TV and other key injects and tailor them to your      company and your Business Continuity/Crisis      Management Plan. 
  • We will put in place a      simulation team knowledgeable about your BCP, and arm them with specific      injects  designed by you and us that will test all aspects of your      plan.
  • We will provide our portable      command center for both the simulation team and the CMT, so that you don’t      have to worry about the technological side of the event. All the      communication lines, phones and servers will be in place, ready to      exercise your Team.
  • We will train your Team in a      lifelike crisis simulation saturated with breaking news reports, calls      from the police department, fire department, and other parties      involved in the crisis.
  • We will spend time after      the event with your BCM team to analyze how you performed against      your own standards and to discuss weaknesses identified in your Business      Continuity Plan.
  • We will invest time with your      management team members to debrief them on the strengths of your      Crisis Management Team and to answer their questions.

So, get the confidence that your Team is ready to execute your crisis plan. Put them on ICE!