How Does BCM as a Service Work?

BCM as a Service by CoDimensions is a collaborative sourcing (or co-sourcing) solution. Business Continuity Management as a Service can be executed in three phases:  Build, Operate, Transfer.


Choose from a series of predefined modules:

  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis (SNAP)
  • BCM Maturity Assessment
  • Continuity Requirement Analysis
  • Program Scope Design
  • Design Governance Structure
  • Recommended Reporting Structure
  • Business Impact and Risk Analysis (BI&RA)
  • BCM Strategy Development
  • BCM Safeguard Development
  • Plan Development


If you don’t have the resources or skills to execute or design each element of your plan, then why not let us do it for you.   Rent the skills you need for the time you need them:   

  • Testing of all safeguards established by CoDimensions
  • Immersive Crisis Exercise (ICE) (read more here)
  • Post-exercise reporting and workshops
  • Coordinate with critical business functions
  • BCM Vendor Contract management
  • Stakeholder Communications


When you’re ready to bring the Operation & Maintenance of your plan back in-house, then let us know which areas you want to transfer. 

  • Strategy review workshop
  • Safeguard review workshop
  • Plan update and documentation changes
  • Exercising program maintenance
  • Hiring assistance
  • Organizational structure review
  • BIA refresh


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.