Cool Your Crisis With ICE

Imagine your co-workers busy with their day-to-day tasks. It is just a normal day at the office and all is proceeding as it normally would. Then, as you are having lunch in the cafeteria, a breaking news report appears on the TV. You can't believe what you hear! Apparently, several of your employees have been taken hostage… Your company is in crisis…

The BCM and management team springs into action, but… It all goes off the rails quickly as you find out that no one really knows what to do with those Business Continuity and Crisis Management binders. Many and many hours spent for their preparation have gone to waste just when it counts. The Crisis Management plan looks good on paper, but not in action. If only there was a way you could have tested it! If only there was a way you could have trained your Crisis Management Team!.. Now the Board will be dissatisfied; it will want some answers. How were you supposed to know how the Team would perform? 

Time for some good news

This hypothetical scenario never has to happen. You can now test the BC/CM plan in a true-to-life simulation!  Presume you could immerse your CM Team into a close-to-real life experience, designed specifically for your organization, and without a real danger. Would you like to actually see how your Team performs in a crisis, and be able to train them in a process? Imagine testing your plan BEFORE you need to execute it.  

Experience the CoDimensions' Immersive Crisis Exercise (ICE). When you want to test your Business Continuity Plan, you now have another choice – do it live! Instead of those boring 3-hour meetings in the board room, reading through pages and pages of what to do when, why not run your team through a "real" crisis - only it’s not a crisis, it’s a simulation.

Get the confidence that your Team is ready to execute your crisis plan. Put them on ICE!