Enhancing value of BCM Program

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place?

Are you concerned that the plan is not getting the focus it needs from Senior management?

You need to put some ICE on it.   The Immersive Crisis Exercise (ICE) can help you elevate your BCP to a new level of effectiveness by testing it in a real crisis – only it’s not a crisis, it’s a simulation.    Imagine testing not only your plan, but also exercising the people executing it.   Let us put on an ICE event for your organization and help you illustrate its effectiveness.   You will learn how your team reacts in a crisis by observing how they respond during a simulated crisis.  

ICE is a turnkey fully simulated experience using video injects, real time phone calls, and other injects delivered by a professional simulation team of 5-7 members. This will immerse your Crisis Management Team in an experience so lifelike, they will feel like it is really happening. Our scenarios are comprehensive, challenging and have been validated in the field with other organizations.


Let us help you bring your organization to experience the power and effectiveness of your Business Continuity Plan as you lead them to success!

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