Senior Management

Most senior level managers or executives who oversee Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery or Crisis Management programs at some point realize that there is a lot more to BCM that meets the eye. As time goes by they also become aware that there are way too many advisors and consults of all kinds willing to teach others how to properly implement the program, but not nearly enough working bees who would be actually implementing it.  

Even the BCM professionals within the organization frequently view themselves as "internal consultants" (whose role is to advise and facilitate) and expect that the business folks will be doing the leg work. The overworked and underesourced business folks in turn resist the added burden of BCM with all their might. They complain about the software, time, and many are tempted to question the need for BCM all together (After all, it is not going to hapen to us, right?). Does this sound familiar? If so, refer to our Business Continuity and Crisis Management solutions and see how we can help you establish, test and improve the BCM program or meet your other related needs with our practical services and products. For more information, please contact us