Why are auditors the best friends of BCM?

Have you been assigned the responsibility for the company’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

Are you unsure about the thoroughness of your current BCP?

Have you "inherited" your BCP from someone else? 

It is always a good idea to assess the current state of the BCM Program in your organization first. By knowing exactly what you've "inherited", you'll be able to identify which aspects have been addressed adequately, which need improvement, and at the same time avoid blame for other people's mistakes.

Professionally performed BCM audit based on the industry best practices can be exactly the tool needed for such benchmarking. Business Continuity audit can help you identify a baseline and ensure that you have the right foundation to build on. Don’t let your plan fail because someone else failed to plan.

What about your supply chain partners?

Are they concerned about your ability to carry on operations in spite of any interruptions?

If your business is dependent on others to deliver key services or products, your plan may be at risk.  Our Business Continuity Audit can help you identify issues with your supply chain, and help you fix it.

CoDimensions' BCM Audit can help you validate different elements of your Business Continuity Plan, or of the entire Program (at any stage of its maturity), comparing them to industry best practices.  Let us apply our 40+ years of experience in emergency response management, enterprise risk management, and crisis management to your plan and test it against industry standards. As founding members of DRIE Canada, and sought after educators and speakers on Business Continuity, we can help you identify the imperfections in your plan and fill them. By knowing the gaps and areas that need more work and resources, you will be able to plan and contribute your efforts effectively, without wasting time or overlooking what is important.

BCM Audit professionally performed by CoDimensions can serve as an independent validation of your Business Continuity capability. By having your BC Plan/Program audited, you will be able to demonstrate the approved results of your hard work and enhance the reliability and competitiveness  of your organization.

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