BCM Audit

Do you want to know if your organization has a viable Business Continuity Program? Are you unsure about the thoroughness of your Business Continuity Plan? The BCM Program, with all its elements, can be considered complete and workable if it has been reviewed, exercised and audited.

The BCM Audit helps to validate the Business Continuity capability of the organization and plays an important role in ensuring its continued existence.

Purpose of the BCM Audit

The overall goal of the BCM Audit is to identify, evaluate and document things which are critical to the continued existence of an organization as a whole, and provide an objective view on its ability to survive in adverse situations.

The BCM Audit can serve various objectives, for example:

  • Program/capability validation;
  • Project benchmarking;
  • Compliance;
  • Due diligence;
  • Forensic investigation; or
  • Other purposes.

Objectives define the scope of audit, its timeframe, budget and content requirements for the final report. The BCM Audit examines the BCM Program against the industry standards, conducts its evaluation (according to the degree of its maturity), and provides recommendations on further development. Usually the results of the BCM Audit include:

  • Issues of compliance
  • Flaws, gaps and weaknesses in the existing BCM program and capability
  • Recommendations to management.

Solutions from CoDimensions

CoDimensions’ BCM Audit is an excellent opportunity to engage a third party with solid skills and experience to independently evaluate your internal Business Continuity Plan and gain the confidence that it is good and viable.

Let us apply our 40+ years of experience in emergency response management, enterprise risk management, and crisis management to your plan and test it against industry standards. As founding members of DRIE Canada, and sought after educators and speakers on Business Continuity, we can help you identify the gaps in your plan and fill them.

The BCM Audit by CoDimensions helps our clients validate elements of their Business Continuity Plans against the industry best practices and move in the direction of constant improvement of organizational resiliency.  Our solutions are designed to provide assistance mainly to BCM managers and auditors, though other groups of organizational stakeholders may benefit from this product line as well (e.g., Board, consultants, or senior managers).


CoDimensions offers audit services of the BCM Program in its entirety or by module. Depending on your needs and BCM maturity in your organization, you can approach a task of BCM auditing either on the level of a single module, a group of modules, or a complete scope.


Modules of the BCM Audit include:


BCM Program initiation and management


  • Business process model
  • Senior management sponsorship and governance
  • Project management lifecycle
  • BCM budget


Risk evaluation and control


  • Risk identification
  • Prevention and controls


Business Impact Assessment


  • Business process priorities
  • Suppliers/vendors' Business Continuity
  • Business process interdependencies


Emergency/Crisis Response


  • Command Centre
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Plan invocation, escalation, CMT mobilization
  • Damage assessment, containment procedures
  • Salvage/restoration procedures
  • Control and authorization for expenses


Business Continuity Strategy


  • Technology issues
  • Non-technical processes
  • Third party products, supplies and services
  • BIA alignment
  • Organizational scope


Business Continuity Planning (in detail)


Training and awareness


Exercising and maintenance


Crisis Communications


  • Public relations
  • Employee communications
  • Coordination with public authorities
  • Interactions with regulators and other legal agencies


If you want to know more about our BCM Audit services, please contact us.