Full Lifecycle Services

Continuity Dimensions’ products and services span the entire BCM life cycle which makes it a one stop shop for all Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management needs.


Phases of BCM Life Cycle

1. Analysis

Before proceeding with the BCM development, it’s essential to study the organization really well, from various perspectives. Therefore the goal at the first stage is to review and assess the organization in terms of what its objectives are, how it is structured,  how it functions, and the conditions and constraints of the environment in which it operates.

Continuity Dimensions offers to the clients analysis conducted for their organizations – either as separate modules or as a whole Analysis phase including:

  • Products and Services Analysis

  • Organizational Structure Analysis

  • Organizational Culture Analysis

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Regulatory Analysis

  • Risk and Industry Analysis

  • Business Impact Analysis

2. Design (Determining BCM Strategy)

At this stage the appropriate strategies and tactics should be identified and selected to determine how continuity and recovery from disruption will be achieved. Solutions and services offered by Continuity Dimensions, relevant to this stage include:

  • Command Centre planning

  • Formulated Assumptions

  • Response Strategy for major concerns in crises

  • Safeguarding Strategy

3. Implementation

At this stage the strategies and tactics which were developed before are to be executed (implemented) and the Business Continuity Plan is to be developed. The solutions offered by Continuity Dimensions may be ordered and delivered either as separate modules or as a whole phase product including:

4. Validation

The goal at this stage is to confirm that the BCM Program meets the objectives set earlier and that the organization’s Business Continuity Plan is fit for purpose. This is done through conducting Exercising, Maintaining & Reviewing tasks. Continuity Dimensions offers solutions for:

  • Planning and implementing Desk Top exercises

  • Planning and implementing Simulation exercises (see also ICE – Immersive Crisis Exercise solution)

  • Planning and implementing full BCP exercises

  • Data Maintenance

  • Plan Distribution

  • BCM Program Reviewing


To get more information on any of the solutions or services relevant to any of the parts of the BCM Life Cycle, please contact us.