Proven Methodologies

At Continuity Dimensions we offer an innovative approach to Business Continuity Management based on our unique Value-Based Framework. We believe that all activity of any organization – and Business Continuity Management in particular – should be rooted in, and based on, its stakeholders’ values. Our BCM methods are driven by this idea and allow us to build and develop the BCM program in a very organized and effective manner. This becomes especially evident at the most challenging time for the organization: during a crisis.

Nobody can be warranted against a blackout, or a severe storm, or a disgruntled employee who is determined to cause harm to the employer. Crises do happen, and they have to be dealt with – quickly and efficiently. Those organizations which fail to address the important concerns arising during the crisis in a timely fashion, and in the correct order, put their reputation at risk.

Though it may seem like a straightforward and easy task – to address the right issues at the right time – in practice, this can be quite stressful. During a crisis, the Command Centre (where the team of senior management sits and manages the crisis) is going to be flooded with all sorts of information. How will you know where to direct your attention, time and resources first? If the Crisis Management Team doesn’t have a clear rule of thumb and a working process of managing the crisis, everything will seem important and demand an immediate response. As a result, some vital and urgent concerns may be wrongly treated as a secondary priority.

In addition, the incoming information during a crisis is often a mixture of valid and invalid data, truth is often intermingled with rumors, and facts change with time as the situation develops. Therefore, all incoming information must be methodically verified, sorted, and categorized on a regular basis. To accomplish all these tasks, keep the right priorities, and stay cool during a crisis, you will need a vibrant and effectivemethodology. This is where we can help.

The same principles rooted in stakeholder values that help cope with disasters, are just as efficient during "peaceful" times – the time when you plan and build your defenses. Whether you are developing a business continuity plan, an IT recovery system, or training your staff to handle adversities, you should always use well-defined systematic methods and remain consistent with the philosophy and mission of your company. At CoDimensions we believe we have a unique approach which is based on the right principles, and is applicable to any organization. We are willing to share with you our proven methodology. To obtain more details, contact us.