CoDimensions entered the business of providing continuity solutions and services to others by first building its own infrastructure - on the same principles which we use today to help our clients ensure that their ITsystem stays stable and resilient under any circumstances.

We live the life we preach. We understand our clients' needs, because we know about them first-hand. We want our information to stay accessible, secure, and recoverable, no matter what. We recognize that our customers want the same. They seek reliable and robust technological solutions which can support their operations even in the midst of disruptions.

Our infrastructure is a state-of-the-art hybrid solution which:

  • combines secure local servers and cloud-based data centres;
  • ensures fully replicated systems;
  • implements rapid recovery options.

The local devices and data plans we offer for backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions are:

  • Scalable

Clients can move to the higher or lower level within the range of services we offer, according to their changing business needs;

  • Flexible in defining the level of the client's involvement in the data management process

Clients can request full access and control over data management; Codimensions can do all the work for you; or it can be done at any level of involvement between these 2 options.

 Our cloud-based systems are set:

  • in SSAE 16 Type II compliant data centre
  • with high-level 24/7/365 security
  • with fully redundant electrical, cooling and network infrastructure.

Our Canadian customers who choose our 360°- Protection line of products have the option to replicate their data to a military grade secure Canadian Data Center. US customers can opt for a secure US Data Center. The local and cloud virtualization built into these products, in addition to increased data security and recoverability, allows one to connect to a stand-by replica system in the cloud and resume work practically in minutes. As a result, a complete restoration of the whole system (not only data) becomes possible and rapidly available.

For more information on available IT backup and recovery solutions for our clients see our 360°- Recovery line of products and services.