Edward Manukian, MBA, CBCP

President and CEO, CoDimensions

Edward Manukian is co-founder and President of CoDimensions, a firm providing a variety of professional services and solutions in the field of Crisis Management, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery. The company's services are built on the basis of the original state-of-the-art BCM framework and unique comprehensive methodologies.

As a sought-after expert on the topics of Crisis Management, Pandemic Planning, and Risk Management, Mr. Manukian has been asked to speak at the events of the Conference Board of Canada, World Conference on Disaster Management, HR Executive Forum, and other venues. 

Mr. Manukian gained his substantial experience in Risk Management, BCM, and related disciplines while working for both public and private Canadian organizations.

The Disaster Recovery Institute of Canada recognized Mr. Manukian’s contribution to the industry by naming the BCM program which he built for Franklin Templeton Investments a winner of its prestigious Award of Excellence. 

Today, he brings to each client engagement not only thorough subject matter expertise in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Risk Management, but also an in-depth understanding of organizations at the executive level.

Prior to founding CoDimensions, Mr. Manukian was a Vice President of Risk Management at Franklin Templeton Investments - one of the leading investment companies in the world. With responsibilities in overseeing the key functional areas of Business Continuity Management, Enterprise Risk Management, and Vendor Management, Mr. Manukian's experience brings invaluable insight from the executive perspective.

Mr. Manukian is actively involved in the BCM community. For three years he served as an elected Director on the Board of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) Canada, an internationally recognized not-for-profit organization in the field of business continuity and disaster recovery. Presently, Mr. Manukian continues to contribute to the organization as a member of the Marketing Committee. Mr. Manukian is also an active member of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE), a not-for-profit association of professionals in Business Continuity Management and related areas. As well, he frequently participates in various industry forums, panels, and conferences.

Mr. Manukian holds an MBA degree in Finance from Indiana University, USA, as well as professional certifications from the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII).  


Don Brooks, CBCP, MBCI

VP Strategic Initiatives, CoDimensions

Don Brooks is Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at CoDimensions. He is also a co-founder of the company, sharing his rich experience and expertise and contributing to the growing industry of Business Continuity Management. 

Mr. Brooks is one of the founders of the South Western Ontario Chapter of Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE-SWO), a not-for-profit association of professionals in business continuity, disaster recovery, contingency planning, and related fields, holding two positions over the last fifteen years; namely, Program Director and Publicity Director. He currently holds aposition of Assistant Program Director at DRIE-SWO, and he uses this opportunity to influence one of the newest and fastest growing industries in North America.

Mr. Brooks also contributes to the BCM community by being actively involved with Disaster Recovery Institute Canada (DRIC), a not-for-profit organization which provides internationally recognized training, education and certification for Canadian business continuity and disaster recovery professionals. For six years, Mr. Brooks was on the Board of Directors of DRI Canada, followed by an additional three years as an Advisor to the Board. It was during this time that Mr. Brooks introduced and promoted the concept of the DRIC Award of Excellence, which would recognize those organizations that have achieved the most distinctive results in the fields of Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Since its establishment in 2007, the Award of Excellence has been granted annually to the most outstanding in business continuity organizations in large, medium and government organization categories.

Mr. Brooks is a frequent speaker on Business Continuity.  He has shared his expertise through speaking engagements with Dofasco, CIBC, Imperial Oil, the Fire Chiefs Association of Ontario, Emergency Planning Ontario, and the Regional Emergency Telecommunications Committee. Mr. Brooks has also been an instructor with the Institute for Business Continuity Training (ICBT) for over 15 years.

Mr. Brooks' vast experience in Business Continuity Management is a result of over 20 years of work in various areas of this discipline. As the Emergency Operations Manager for Ontario with Bell Canada, he led the team responsible for the Emergency Operations Program, managing the Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) for Ontario.  He was in charge of BCM program implementations for companies such as Northwestel, Rogers AT&T Wireless, FaithLife Financial, and Sun Life Financial. 

Don Brooks holds a B.A. degree in Psychology; a CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional) certification with Disaster Recovery Institute International  (DRII), with the distinction of being certified within the first 1000 on the Globe; and a MBCI (Member of the Business Continuity Institute) membership grade in Business Continuity Institute (BCI).


Gayle Mitcham, MBCP, CBCA, CCCP, SCRA

 Vice President Client Services, CoDimensions

Gayle Mitcham is Vice President of Client Services at Continuity Dimensions Inc. In this role she is responsible for coordinating new business development and delivery of services to clients.

Ms. Mitcham has more than 15 years of experience in Business Continuity Management, coming from work with clients in a wide variety of industries. She has personally worked in the financial services sector where she held a number of leadership roles with large financial services companies. In these roles she developed and implemented effective Business Continuity Programs ranging from emergency and crisis response to plan development, and maintenance and testing. Gayle has also had experience dealing with multinational corporations that have made her adept at understanding cultural and environmental differences in business management styles.

Ms. Mitcham has personally managed crisis response teams for a number of high-profile events in Canada and on an international basis. She has been a guest speaker at a number of industry conferences and has authored several BCM-related articles and newsletters.

Gayle uses her vast experience and skills in helping clients develop and implement effective Business Continuity Programs. She contributes her knowledge and expertise at various stages; including forming the governance, planning an emergency response, shaping the Crisis Management capability, enhancing communications, and building the entire Business Continuity competency.

Gayle is a Commerce graduate from the University of Toronto and holds the following certifications:

MBCP – Master Business Continuity Profession – Disaster Recovery Institute International

CBCA – Certified Business Continuity Auditor – Disaster Recovery Institute Canada

CCCP – Certified Crisis Communications Planner – ICOR

SCRA – Supply Chain Risk Associate - ICOR

Ms. Mitcham is also on the Board of Directors for the Toronto chapter of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange.