The regulators of financial institutions are demanding an increasingly greater level of oversight and awareness about the operational risk management (ORM), requiring the organizations to demonstrate a viable capability to identify, measure, evaluate, control and manage the risks, integrating risk management into processes, systems and culture.

This makes ORM one of the most complex and fastest growing risk disciplines in banks and other financial institutions. Despite the industry's efforts to manage the risks, institutions still have much work to do. Organizations struggle to support a risk culture that empowers risk accountability, encourages the organization to escalate risks appropriately, and understands operational risk losses.

Risk Managers are grappling with questions like, "How does the discipline add value to my organization?"; "What key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) can be used to effectively measure operational risks my firm is facing?"; "What is the strategic role of operational risk my firm should adopt?"

We offer our clients a proven method for quickly implementing a practical and efficient ORM framework that will ensure risk is embedded within the decision-making process of your organization. We can help you design, implement, run and periodically update your ORM framework. Alternatively, we can review and fix an existing one if you are not satisfied with it.