5 Reasons to Choose Our Services

CoDimensions helps organizations to move to a higher level of resiliency, continuity and preparedness. We bring to the table our expertise and competences, saving our clients time and resources with the intent of  helping them build steadfast BCM capabilities and thereby facing the future with confidence. We want our clients to be able to demonstrate due diligence in the areas of Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Risk Management, and position themselves as more mature and reliable than their competition. Our services are defined by the following factors:

1. Competences

At Continuity Dimensions we offer a composite comprehensive approach to solving your Business Continuity Management needs by providing a team of professionals – at least in the following areas:

  • BCM Subject Matter Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Writing

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2. Full Lifecycle Services

CoDimensions’ products and services span the entire BCM life cycle which makes it a one stop shop for all Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management needs.

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3. Infrastructure

CoDimensions entered the business of providing continuity solutions and services to others by first building its own infrastructure - on the same principles which we use today to help our clients ensure that their IT system stays stable and resilient under any circumstances.

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4. People

At CoDimensions we possess over 40 years of experience in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management, Risk Management, and related fields. Our subject matter specialists in Business Continuity Management are active members of  DRIE, contributors to DRI Canada, and sought after speakers on the topics of pandemic planning, risk management, and emergency response management. 

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who deliver services according to the best industry practices and with excellence.

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5. Proven Methodologies

At CoDimensions we offer an innovative approach to Business Continuity Management based on our unique value-based framework. We believe that all activity of any organization – and Business Continuity Management in particular – should be rooted in, and based on, its stakeholders’ values. Our BCM methods are driven by this idea and allow us to build and develop the BCM program in a very organized and effective manner.

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CoDimensions' unique approach to Business Continuity Management will allow you to do more with less!  

  • Put your management team on ICE and test their abilities in a crisis! 
  • Set up your Command Center in minutes with our ICE Cube! 
  • Tap into best practices and let us build key components of your BCP!
  • You can even evaluate your plan and the entire program with the BCM Audit!
  • Protect your systems with our 360°- Recovery solutions!

So, if you’re looking for a Business Continuity partner, contact us today!