Addressing Crisis Preparedness through Training

The HR department is usually in charge of a comprehensive training curriculum for all functions and levels within the organization. It begins with an evaluation of corporate training needs, followed by the development of training programs, and finally, the effectiveness of such programs is assessed.

However, one area is often overlooked in organizational training programs: Crisis Preparedness. The problem starts at the stage of analyzing training needs, when Crisis Preparedness is not recognized as a necessity. As a result, no steps or plans are made to coach employees at all levels - especially executives - to handle crises.

CoDimensions' product, the Immersive Crisis Exercise (ICE), is an excellent way to fix this gap, by offering the management practical training in handling a crisis. The exercise is held in the close-to-real environment of a command centre, with the purpose to immerse the customer's crisis management team in a lifelike practice of crisis management.

The value of training the management team in a simulated crisis environment is tremendous. Among the benefits there are, for example, the following outcomes:

  • Gain valuable crisis management experience in  a non-threatening way
  • Observe individuals and the entire team perform under pressure
  • Make leaders understand and accept their AT-CRISIS responsibilities
  • Build a team capable to manage crisis
  • Fulfill the Board's expectation for management trained in Crisis Management competency

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