Resilient Culture Attracts Best People

HR professionals are the keepers of corporate culture and values, which comprise the foundation on which the organization is built. The most successful companies recognize the significance of this role, and involve HR leaders in the strategic planning and decision-making at the highest executive level. However, some organizations fail to distinguish the invaluable potential of HR professionals in unifying and strengthening the company's environment, and do not offer them much-needed executive support. As a result of such strategic oversight, the Human Resources teams are not able to fulfil one of their most important missions - uniting people around the common values and goals of the organization, and going through a crisis' challenges as one whole organism.

CoDimensions' product - the Immersive Crisis Exercise (ICE) - helps to reveal the importance of building a resilient culture in the organization. ICE simulates a crisis situation for the management team and calls for coordinated individual and group efforts to manage it. It is an excellent opportunity to learn how members work under pressure individually, and to train them to work as a crew towards common goals.

A crisis is a serious test for any organization. It is the time when it becomes clear whether its culture is rooted in the right values and whether they are well-communicated and supported at all levels. The organization with a resilient culture will be able to face a disaster in unity and will work through it under strong leadership - by putting together coordinated efforts - only when it has solid values and a healthy cultural environment.

Experience gained by management in the Immersive Crisis Exercise will confirm that the culture should support the organization not only on "sunny days", but should also help withstand trials during difficult times. All participants of the exercise will see that resilience in the face of challenges brought on by a crisis should be an important aspect of culture, in order to build a strong organization capable of enduring and surviving all kinds of calamities. The company which is characterized by stability, unity and strength will definitely attract people and keep them committed to its mission and goals. The contribution of HR professionals in this area is unparalleled.