Double Vaulting


Double Vaulting service plan is for those who want to get double protection for their data for a very reasonable price. Data is backed up on the local physical device and in the cloud.

A core element of the Double Vaulting solution is the Datto G Series device.



Versatile NAS Storage with Off-Site Sync

Flexible and powerful, the G Series delivers off-site synchronized local storage at an unbeatable cost per GB. The Datto G Series offers an excellent way for small to medium sized businesses to protect their critical data.


Simple. Reliable. Affordable

The G Series is an automated on-site and off-site backup solution for small-to-medium sized businesses. An on-site appliance stores data locally and uses a powerful backup engine to transmit and synchronize mirrored data off-site to secure bi-coastal data centers. G Series combines the convenience of on-site availability with the added protection and security of redundant off-site backups.


Tape drive systems and other forms of removable media require manual intervention to manage day-to-day backup routines. The G Series completely automates local and off-site backup, allowing you to set your protocols and let the G take care of the rest. The combination of automation, ease of use and on-site and off-site protection ensures your data is always accessible and secure, regardless of any local failure or catastrophe.


A Dependable Solution

G Series appliances are known for their build quality and dependability. These appliances serve as reliable storage for file sharing or as a backup repository.


Works Great with ShadowProtect

G Series NAS appliances work exceptionally well with StorageCraft ShadowProtect. They serve as the perfect repository for ShadowProtect images. The off-site synchronization for G Series is tuned to work well with ShadowProtect and ImageManager.


Compatible with Almost Any Software

With the ability to create SAMBA/CIFS, NFS and AFP Shares, G Series appliances are compatible with virtually any backup software. Many customers also use G Series without software and take advantage of settings like My Documents redirection allowing the G Series to serve as a protected file repository for a small workgroup.


Centralized Management

All G Series appliances are controlled through an easy to use central web interface. This interface allows for quick access to critical stats and detailed remote management ability.


Domain Friendly

G Series appliances can even be joined to windows domains, making it possible for users to access NAS shares using their Active Directory credentials.


Apple Time Machine Support

G Series appliances are capable of acting as a TimeCapsule, natively supporting backups from Apple TimeMachine. TimeMachine backups can be safely sent off-site to ensure maximum data integrity.


Local RAID

G Series appliances are available in configurations with local RAID. Devices take advantage of RAID 1 and RAID 5 which add protection against local drive failure and increase read and write speeds.


Rackmount Options

Optional rackmount is available for the smaller G Series models and is standard on models larger than 1 TB. All rackmounts include an adjustable rail kit, making mounting easy. Rackmount appliances also feature hot swappable drives for easy replacement.


Advanced Deduplication and Compression

Every G Series uses fast LZJB compression on all data stored to improve disk performance. The G Series appliances take advantage of data deduplication algorithms to further reduce local storage requirements. Data being sent off-site is compressed even further using LZMA2 compression to ensure maximum efficiency by reducing bandwidth requirements.


The Most Advanced Cloud Sync

All G Series appliances now take advantage of the industry’s most advanced cloud synchronization technology, Synapse 2. This new technology allows unprecedented synchronization management. Each protected system can have it’s own synchronization settings allowing you to configure priorities and the granularity of off-site sync. For example, it is possible to have an agent perform local backups every 15 minutes, but synchronize off-site backups hourly. This dramatically reduces the amount of bandwidth needed for syncing off-site.


Synapse 2 also allows for parallelized synchronization with priority queuing. This means that multiple protected systems synchronize off-site at the same time. The parallelized sync protects actions like adding a new agent or needing to create a new base image from affecting the off-site sync of the other protected systems. This new technology dramatically reduces the need for Round-Trip Drives and re-syncs.