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Business owners are always looking for new ways to increase profitability, visibility, and customer satisfaction, without breaking the bank. There are many key aspects of your business that can be capitalized on, in order to meet your goals. One of them is building a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Create, maintain, and internally circulate a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for your business, before potential data loss happens. This is essential to any organization to ensure Intelligent Business Continuity. A good DRP should be a well-written, comprehensive document that explains the necessary actions to be taken in case a disaster occurs. Here are some common questions that your DRP should answer:

• Who are the key contacts and what are their roles?

• What services need to be enabled first?

• What time tables should be set for restoration?

The physical, written plan is the bible of the recovery operation for an organization. It should be followed closely in order to achieve a successful recovery. From one server down, to the whole organization, the written Disaster Recovery Plan must outline exactly what is to be done and how.

Software disks like Windows, and any other programs that require an installation, should be readily available. If this were for a virtualization, it would be important to know the approximate time of usage, in order to plan the recovery back to the physical production environment. A common first instinct in a disaster scenario is to call Tech Support. Contacting Tech Support is only one of the first things you should do, however you need to clarify the objective of the recovery first.

Make sure to keep local backups and off-site backups as up-to-date as possible. They will constantly provide a wide variety of points to restore from, and will also keep an organization running with little to no lag of possible data corruption to keep your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in a reliable state.

Are your Disaster Recovery solutions up-to-date, or do they require an upgrade? Do you need help with developing, verifying or updating your Disaster Recovery Plan? We can assist you. CoDimensions possesses in-depth knowledge and deep technical expertise in the areas of:

  • Data protection and recovery,
  • Disaster Recovery,
  • Business Continuity, and
  • Crisis Management.

We partner with the leading companies in Disaster Recovery products and services. With our 360°- Recovery solutions you will be able to solve many issues; protect and promote your business.

Key Issues and Benefits for our 360°- Recovery solutions



Customers/clients require their data to be safe

Good reputation with customers, ability to keep your clients and continue your business


Staying competitive by using advanced technology; positive differentiation from your competitors

Suppliers and vendors are interested in continuity of your business

Keeping and promoting a reputation of a reliable partner with suppliers and vendors

Employees are interested in continuity and fast recoverability of your business

Ability to provide continuous employment and income to your employees

Information, news, rumors about crises, incidents or close calls

Readiness for crises: ability to protect your data, money,  and clients; maintain business continuity and peace of mind

Pressure from auditors and/or regulators who want to see some assurance that data recovery is not a problem

Ability to demonstrate data and system recoverability, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions compliant with regulations

Availability of advanced technological DR solutions

Demonstrate leadership, enhance your reputation and competitiveness by using the state-of-the-art technological solutions

Simple backups are not enough for business continuity

360°- Recovery solutions also recover data, systems and provide managed services

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