Save your time. Get strong support

Key Issues and Benefits for 360° - Recovery solutions:




When the crisis occurs the IT professionals have a lot of trouble with recovery of your client's data and system

100% Guarantee of   going to be effective and efficient in recovering of your client's data and system.

We are helping  IT-specialists to protect their client's data and systems that the business can continue working even if the IT systems are down.

Having a complex managed solution including also data recovery and managed services

360-recovery, saving your client's data,  your clients, peace of mind and your own reputation

Before you make the leap into creating your own backup solution, assess the costs:

  • Backup software
  • Backup storage
  • Failover hardware
  • Off-site storage/archiving
  • Remote failover
  • The Scale Advantage
  • Legal Concerns/Compliance Regulations
  • Managed Recovery
  • BDR: It’s Simply Not What You Do


Help your company to save money

When the crisis occurs your own reputation isunder threat

We could offer you a good tool to do your work more professionally and look as a skilled, competent and reliable specialist at your boss

A lot of additional work to do

We are DR vendor - can fulfill big part of your tasks, support (24/7 emergency, regular hours)We'll make your life easier. Let the big headache fall on support’s shoulders…why not?



For more information about our 360°- Recovery products and services, please check our System Availability and Recovery solutions and contact us.