BCM Leaders

More and more businesses, corporations, government organizations and various institutions recognize the importance of Business Continuity as a critical factor for their survival, competitiveness and overall success. And it's clear why: the company which has made necessary preparations to face interruptions, will be able to go on functioning after a disruptive incident. First, in an "emergency mode", running just its key operations for some period of time. And then, if necessary planning has been thoroughly done beforehand, it will be able to recover from the adverse situation and return to the normal mode without much harm. On the other hand, if the company is not prepared, it can suffer such severe damage that it may be forced out of business.

BCM professionals are those people who stand on guard for their company's well-being and work hard to make it sufficiently equipped and prepared to face any calamity. In spite of the importance of their mission, BCM practitioners encounter numerous obstacles and challenges in building an effective and comprehensive BCM program in their organizations. 

Receive real help, not just advice. Get things done

Tasks and responsibilities of Business Continuity professionals are often so numerous, that it is practically impossible to accomplish them without assistance. In addition, they require multiple competencies which are not necessarily possessed together by a single person. As a result, BCM professionals can very often find themselves lonely, helpless, and overwhelmed with their obligations. Of course, there is always an opportunity to receive professional advice through consulting. Though it may be very helpful and even illuminating from a particular perspective, it is still just advice, not a tangible help.

CoDimensions provides practical help to BCM professionals according to their specific needs, budget, and the level of BCM maturity in their company.

Whether you need to build an entire Business Continuity program or just write a few separate documents, our Business Continuity Management as a Service is an answer to your needs. 

Avoid blame for others' faults

Are you a new Business Continuity manager? Have you recently "inherited" BCM as a new area of responsibility?

Before proceeding to your new duties, it is always a good idea to assess the current state of the BCM Program in your organization. By knowing exactly what you've "inherited", you'll be able to identify which aspects have been addressed adequately, which need improvement, and at the same time avoid blame for other people's mistakes. Professionally performed BCM Audit based on the industry best practices can be exactly the tool needed for such benchmarking. 

Know what still needs to be done

The BCM Audit can also be very helpful for assessing more developed BCM programs, at various stages of their maturity. This process must be conducted at least annually in order to not only validate existing plans and solutions, but also to highlight deficiencies and issues within the current Program. By knowing the gaps and areas that need more work and resources, BCM professionals will be able to plan and contribute their efforts effectively, without wasting their time or overlooking what is important.

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