BCM Professionals

BCM professionals are those people who stand on guard for their company's well-being and work hard to make it sufficiently equipped and prepared to face any calamity. In spite of the importance of their mission, BCM practitioners encounter numerous obstacles and challenges in building an effective and comprehensive BCM program in their organizations. 

Tasks and responsibilities of Business Continuity professionals are often so numerous, that it is practically impossible to accomplish them without assistance. In addition, they require multiple competencies which are not necessarily reside together in a single person. As a result, BCM professionals can very often find themselves lonely, helpless, and overwhelmed with their obligations.

CoDimensions provides practical help to BCM professionals according to their specific needs, budget, and the level of BCM maturity in their company. Whether you need to build an entire Business Continuity program or develop just a few specific modules, our BCM as a Service is an answer to your needs.

Do you have responsibility for the company’s Business Continuity Plan? Did you inherit your BCP from someone else? If you aren’t sure about the sustainability of your current plan, our BCM Audit can help you identify a baseline and ensure that you have the right foundation to build on.

What about your supply chain partners? If your business is dependent on others to deliver key services or products, your plan may be at risk.  We can help you identify issues with your supply chain, and help you fix them.

If you want your management to recognize how important Business Continuity is and how critical it is to be prepared for a crisis, what then could be more persuasive than a crisis itself? Why not have your leaders experience, in a situation close to real life, how serious a crisis impact can be... To learn more how you can gain support from your top leaders and draw their attention to the needs of the BCM program, refer to our Crisis Management solutions.

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